35 Comics That Show What Living With A Cat Is Really Like (New Pics)

A year ago, Bored Panda posted a post about Cody Stone Stowe and his cat Coral. More specifically, on Cody’s comic strips where he captures the chaotic reality of life with the feline. Since then, the artist has published many other comics on the subject and since they are just as exciting as the previous ones, we decided it was time to revisit the series!

From playing, to napping, to bird watching, to eating, Cody depicts everything he and Coral do on a daily basis, and you don’t have to be a feline to enjoy these comics. You don’t have to be a cat to enjoy these comics, but you can become one after watching them.

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Cat Comics

Cody told Bored Panda that Coral’s personality has come down to pure sass. Basically, she’s a true prankster. “At this point, she’s only 4 years old, but the routine has been pretty consistent for 3 of those years,” he said. “She wakes me up with a bottom slam to the face. Tries to spook me by jumping out from under the couch if I move any quicker than a snail through the living room.


Begs for her 7 pm wet food, gets it, and then begs again at 8 pm as if I have amnesia. The hour I’m in bed on my phone before sleep, she’s jumping over my body like hurdles to keep on playing. It’s all a joy though and I wouldn’t change any of it. Except maybe the moments when she flubs the jump over me and bounces off my ribs like a trampoline.”