Artist Makes People Cry With Her Comics Released A Sequel To ‘Little Fish’ About The Spirit Of A Dog Visiting Its Owner Who Got A New Puppy

When our pets leave us, they leave a void that almost nothing can fill. And it’s usually too soon to immediately think about getting another pet – the grief is still so strong after losing a lifelong friend. However, what do you do if someone offers you a new pet? Do you vent and blame the animal or do you accept it for the potential friend it is, giving it the love it deserves?

These are the questions that German artist Jenny Hefczyc has tackled in her latest comic strip. In it, the spirit of a deceased dog comes back to visit its owner, as well as the adorable new puppy his brother gave him. The Grim Reaper, an iconic character in Jenny’s comics, also makes an appearance. This comic is the sequel to “Little Fish,” which refers to the stuffed animal the dog took with his master on his last trip to the vet.

Check it out below, dear Pandas, but be warned, there are onion-cutting ninjas around and you may shed a tear or two. Jenny revealed to Bored Panda that she wanted to continue the story of owner Zack as soon as the first part of the tale was finished. “I love Zack because he’s authentic. He’s still young and sometimes too temperamental. But he strives to be a good guy. I’m sure Atlas is still worried about the new puppy fitting in, so there’s room for more sequels,” the artist told us about the story’s future.

In her previous comic, ‘Little Fish,’ artist Jenny showed an owner saying goodbye to his beloved dog. Here is an excerpt from it. You can find the full comic right here

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Jenny touched upon the emotional topic of how much life changes after our old friends pass on