20 Weird And Wonderful Places On Earth That Are Strictly Off-Limits To The Public

Most people have heard the phrase “harder to get into than Fort Knox.” In fact, it’s the most highly protected place in the world, with what’s rumored to be electric fences, lasers, radar, machine guns and landmines making its gold reserves nigh on impossible to access. But the following places also hold secrets and dangers enough for public access to be prohibited.

20. Dulce Base, U.S.A.

A restricted underground military base occupies the space below Mount Archuleta, situated on the border of Colorado and New Mexico. In fact, the facility is as shrouded in secrecy as Area 51 and prohibited to the public. Former staff, however, have turned whistleblower on this highly classified premises, with stories emerging from surrounding neighborhoods of extraterrestrial activity.

Image: Christopher Nicol

For instance, Philip Schneider, a former geological engineer, described a stand-off with gray aliens while excavating the facility’s network of tunnels. He allegedly lost parts of his fingers and leg to lasers blasting out of the extraterrestrials’ chests. Schneider also claimed to have witnessed alien beings perform experiments on human subjects. Conjecture abounds as to whether this activity is real or merely government deception.

Image: Joel Carillet/Getty Images