30 Hilariously Dark Comics By Arcade That Gamers And any Pop Culture Lovers Will Relate To

We can call the internet a place where we can free ourselves from our daily difficulties and find comfort in things we can all share. You can argue, but black humor comics are a great way to deal with life’s anxieties and find little opportunities to giggle about the absurdity of modern times, or just share silly, random, hilarious things that you would never normally think of! These are for gamers, meme and pop culture lovers, and people trying to survive these crazy times in general!

Estonian visual artist Mart Virkus lets out his frustrations about video games, pop culture and everyday life in a geeky and witty comic book form called Arcade Rage. His minimalist comics range from reviewing and capturing the essence and problems of the most popular video games to evoking serious global issues such as mental health and environmental and social issues. The artist sums up his comics as “stupid jokes for smart people”.

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Joker – Canada Edition

Joker – Canada Edition

“They are inspired by games, movies, memes, and other art in general. But also the things going on in the world, whether it’s corona or climate issues. The ideas come together when these two things meet. I just like layering in different meanings into a single comic. I guess it’s just the fun of finding new connections between art and life. Sometimes it’s about highlighting a more serious issue while not making it obvious, and letting the reader make that connection. So it’s like a mind game for both me and the reader. And other times, it’s just random silly jokes with no deeper meaning. Or just jokes about games I like. Above all, making these just makes me feel less anxious about the world and if it does that for others too, then that’s a win,” said Virkus.