Tech Support People Sharing The Worst Cases They’ve Seen While On The Job

Believe me, the technicians, they’ve seen it all. Seeing the endless amount of hard grease on a mouse pad, sorting improvised computer vents, watching unnecessarily creative audio output and all the rest, it’s fair to say they’ve been to hell and back.

And thanks to Reddit’s corner known as TechSupportGore, we now have visual proof that not everyone is born into electronics. Not even one of us.

We’ve selected some of the worst offenders in the technical department, as shared by the technical support staff who are still smiling at us after learning about the gore we just submitted for repair. Scroll down, vote for the ones that made you wince and sigh, and don’t forget to share your bad technical experiences in the comments section!





When They Get Creative With The Only Working Audio Output They Have

When They Get Creative With The Only Working Audio Output They Have

Since its beginning in 2012, the TechSupportGore subreddit grew its community to a solid 485k members who love to “cringe to the brink of passing out after a few minutes looking at this subreddit.”

Every post screams for help from tech support here. From makeshift electronics to cases where people thought repairing their computers would be a walk in the park, the fun is both painfully funny and (secretly) relatable.

So to find out more about the community, Bored Panda reached out to its moderator Coffeechipmunk who was happy to share some insights. “I feel like the community has grown different tastes for the subreddit over time, for sure. For a while, cable gore was boring, cracked screens, etc. Now? Bad wiring is loved.”