30 “Politically Incorrect, Bold, And Sometimes Over The Line” Comics From Sappy Dayz

Sappy Dayz is a webcomic that has no role models. It makes fun of just about anything you can imagine. X-rated entertainment, death, even our own stupidity, nothing is off limits.

In a way, you can think of these comics as short personality tests. You flip through them, paying attention to which ones you find funny and which ones offend you, and the topics you draw the line at can reveal a lot about your own values and role models.

The creator of the series (let’s call her Sappy Sap), says she’s “politically incorrect, brash, and sometimes over the top” and “if you are offended by anything posted here and feel the need to express your outrage, please fuck off.” They don’t care.

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If Watching The Discovery Channel Has Taught Me Anything

If Watching The Discovery Channel Has Taught Me Anything

“I’m a professional comedian and writer who likes to doodle silly cartoons to help people stay entertained while they poop,” Sappy Sap told Bored Panda. “I don’t like the idea of my public persona associated with my cartoons so I keep my identity secret which lets me escape the ‘cancel culture’ that exists today for humorists like myself.”

The artist said that if Sappy Dayz gets canceled, they will just start it up again under a different name, rebranding it to “The Far Side 2” or “Garfield” if those names aren’t taken.


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