15 new hilarious and adorable comics on Brutus and Pixie to instantly make your day

Pixie and Brutus are officially one of the most popular animal duos on the Internet and you can totally understand why. Created by Ben Hed, the comic book series follows the lives of two friends, a cute little kitten and an intimidating dog soldier that you wouldn’t want to run into. And although it sounds like a very strange friendship at first, that’s what makes their adventures all the more hilarious.

Today, the “Pet Foolery” page of Ben’s Instagram has 2.4 million followers who come for a daily dose of illustrated animal entertainment. Recently, Ben presented his other project where he re-imagined and drew animals from viral photos on the Internet,

But now we leave the stage for Pixie and Brutus, who need no introduction except to mention the fact.


We contacted the creator of Pet Foolery, and Pixie and Brutus comics, Ben Hed, who told us in an interview that little has changed since Ben started the series. “I’ve updated their drawings a little bit, and I’ve started to include some comics where Pixie is older, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same old Pixie and Brutus”.

Luckily, Ben said that his work has not been affected by the pandemic since he lives alone with his two dogs. “I work from home, so nothing has really changed for me.”